Introduction: Energy Drink

How to make Energy Drinks that you can't Drink.

This exercise was a challenge to my creativity and expanded my thinking process. I started this project with a goal that I would not approach food with cooking methods and I decided to investigate the meaning of the material.

Step 1: The Drink: Fruit Battery

I manipulated copper wires and galvanized nails to draw energy from citric acid present in lemon juice, and I later found that vinegar can make more electricity than lemons. However, the light projected was so weak that it required many hours of exposure to provide the illumination.

Step 2: The Bottle

I first studied with the exist bottle I found from the thrift shop.

And then made laser cutting platforms for the structure.

Step 3: The Bottle: Prototype

Step 4: Prepare Your Drinks

Mixed food color with the fruit acid.

Ready to put the drink into the bottle.

Step 5: Test Before Serving.

Turn off the light to enjoy your Energy Drinks.

Step 6: Ready to Serve.

Use your creativity to set up your drink set.

Step 7: Don't Enjoy It Alone.

Be a good host! Invite your friends to grab some drink tonight with a cool poster.