Introduction: MOBILE USB Fan

The Advantages of this Invention.

  1. This is design like a small Table Fan which is using without a Ceiling fan.

  2. It can take and go all the place like a mobile.

  3. This is made power of Table Fan the reason of wind will come like a Table Fan.

  4. The power consumption is only 5V(DC), because the motor is fix like that.

  5. This is made by used two CD’s and a Glue Stick cover.

  6. This will works with a USB port.

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    5 years ago

    I made a usb fan too.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    1. It doesn't reduce power consumption because of that it is powered from PC. It draws power from PC.
    2. Surely, yes. But it might be quite dangerous for your PC. You should NEVER make connections like this, because any short can burn out your PC. YES, it CAN.
    3. 5V is the voltage, not electricity consumption. electricity consumption are Watts or Amperes.
    Just take a small look. In outlet you have 120 / 240V no matter if you connect small LED bulb, or huge heater. So heater has the same electricity consumption as small LED bulb? Yet both are connected to same voltage outlet. But now take a look at POWER (number of Watts). Small LED bulb takes about 1W, and heater about 4000W. Now you see the difference? LED bulb takes about 0.01A and heater 40A.

    And now something about form of your instructable. It's not an instructable, it doesn't even show how you've made it. It just shows how it looks.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Look, i thought this was good enough. There are some far worse one out there. The idea is good, but the method is not what I'd call correct... Connecting a LED to an 120/240 outlet would only draw the required voltage, if the current & voltage is too high, then your bulb would blow. Maybe the author is a little mis-informed.

    It seems as an ingenius idea, just not the safest.