Engine Piston - Mechanical System

Introduction: Engine Piston - Mechanical System

Students use Tinkercad as part of a distance learning experience, I'm a coach for children , by using Tinkercad 3D to teach students how to use 3D modeling and unleash their creativity.

The piston is a disk-shaped piece that slides into a drive or cylinder in a machine for operation by a lever attached to the bottom of the cylinder. Piston uses are common in automobile and steam engines, as in coal or diesel trains. The plunger itself means the plunger and the cylinder together. Some students Who I teach a passion in the field of mechanics, so I always strive to develop their passion and teach them all that is special and new.


You will need an access to Tinkercad, and if you want to have a physical copy ofthe Engine Piston ,I will attach the files at the end of the explanation .

Tinkercad website: https://www.tinkercad.com/

Step 1: The Compressor Piece

Firstly, we will need a cylindrical piece and some rings on itThe function of this cylindrical piece is to generate pressure and friction with the body to generate energy.

Step 2: Crank Sliding

Secondly ,Crank sliding joint is a four-link mechanism with three foldable joints and a prismatic or sliding joint. The crank rotation causes the linear motion to slide, or expanding the gases versus a sliding piston in the cylinder can drive the crank rotation. There are two types of sliding forearms: in line and offset

Step 3: Crank Sliding | Surrounding Cover - Step One

Third ,Here we will design a cover to protect it and give it an attractive appearance

Step 4: Crank Sliding |Surrounding Cover - Step Two

Fourthly ,It will be added to the Surrounding area of the crank .

Step 5: Crank Position

Fifth ,You should pay attention to the method of installation and must be at a specific angle.

Step 6: Back Cover - Final Form

Sixth , layer of back protection

Step 7: My Little Brother's Extra Touch

Finally ,My little brother helped me by adding a red rectangular piece and adding some screws to it for more stability and less vibration.

STL Files :

Step 8: Printing of the Design

I print it at TechWorks-Jordan by using 3D Printer , and connect it with a switch and Dc Motor .

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