Introduction: Engineering 1 Class Project - Repair Fence Structure

For this project I will be fixing and improving a structural part of a barbwire fence called an H using engineering principles. Wire tension on the H caused the structure to experience a rack failure and broke one of the primary welded seams.

Step 1: Remove Wire From the Fence Structure

To start, I took off the wires tied to the fence structure in order to be able to work easily and to remove the tension from the structure.

Step 2: Fix the Rack

I then pulled the H back to plumb using a wench tied to opposite corners of the H. By tightening the wench, rack was removed, and the broken weld was pulled back together.

Step 3: Re-Weld Broken Joint

I then used an arc welder to join the seams back together.

Step 4: Weld Angle Iron Gussets to Structure.

Now that the H is repaired I continued to improve the H in order to stop further breaks and racking failures in the future. In order to do this, I used angle iron to form angled gussets on two corners of the H structure. I placed the gussets so that, if the H begins to rack again, it will have to compress the angle iron or break multiple welds.

Step 5: Reattach Wire to H Structure

Finally, I re-stretched the barbwire and attached it to the repaired H Structure.

Step 6: The Completed H

This is the final repaired and fortified H ready to remain plumb for many years to come.