Introduction: Engineering Assignment

this is a inscrutable for a engineer class where we needed to design an automaton the design is a bird flapping its wings up and down


3/4 inch thick wood


2 Dowels



Wood glue and epoxy

a pole

Popsicle sticks


Step 1: Cut Out the Parts of the Bird

use the image in the photo above to draw out the outline of the bird on some plywood then cut out the outline using a saw

Step 2: Cutting the Body

using an miter saw cut the 3/4 inch board in to 2 9 inch boards and 2 5 inch board

cut the pole in to 3 1 inch long parts but it is recommended to cut out more

finally cut one of the dowels in to one 12 inch segment

Step 3: Making the Cam Shaft

take the 1 inch long segments of the pole and find the center of the segment

now using an drill press drill a hole the size of the dowel cut earlier

using a slightly bigger drill bit drill a hole thew the 5 inch boards

now put the dowel thew the cams thew the holes drilled in the five inch boards

one you have the cams in the right position use wood glue to attach them and put them back between the boards

Step 4: Assembleing the Box

using the built cams mark the position compared to the 9 inch board and then drill holes on the marked position using a drill that is slightly longer then the second dowel

once the holes are drilled use a clamp and screws to attach the boards as shown above

Step 5:

using epoxy and some webbing attach the wings to the bird

cutting the second dowel in to three parts these are the push rods

next drill a small hole in the top part of the Popsicle sticks and then cut of the tops with the hole of the Popsicle sticks

then stick them on with epoxy

drill an equally sized hole in each of the push rods by the top

Step 6: Attach the Push Rods

using the wire put it thew the tips of the Popsicle sticks on the bird and then connect them thew a wire

then put the push rods the the holes drilled in the top and then it is Done