Introduction: Engl 3100 Boondoggle

Simple boondoggle instructions for square, checkered boondoggle.

Step 1: Materials

The plastic pieces are referred to as boondoggle string or lanyard string. These are usually found at any craft store near you. For this instructable we will be using two colors, creating a simple square boondoggle. Any household scissors will work. The clips pictured here are optional.

Step 2: Cut Strands

Cut two strands each of equal size. For this demonstration I used about 2 feet for each strand.

Step 3: Beginning Fold

Find middle of each string and place one on top of the other in a cross as shown in the picture. Pinch at the center of the cross and hold firmly.

Step 4:

Take one end of the bottom string and fold over thumb, creating a loop. Repeat with other end to create two loops parallel with each other (see first two photos). Be sure to hold the string ends in place so that the loops are stable.(third photo)

Step 5: Over and Under

While holding yellow (bottom) loops firmly, take one end of the remaining (purple) strand and weave through the yellow loops using an over and under pattern. (Over first loop and under second loop as shown in photos).

Step 6: Over and Under Part 2

Now take the other end of the remaining (purple) strand, and once again weave through the yellow loops in the opposite direction using an over and under pattern. (Over first loop and under the second loop)

Step 7: Tighten Strands

Carefully take each strand and pull slowly to tighten. If done correctly, you should now see a checkerboard pattern as shown in the photos.

Step 8: Repeat of Steps 3-7

Repeat steps 3 through 7 as shown in the photos.

Step 9: When to Stop

You may stop at your own desired length. However, be sure to leave at least 2 inches of string not used in order to finish your boondoggle. (It is completely fine to stop before 2 inches)

Step 10: Finishing Touch

Make a knot using all four remaining strands. I find a knot similar to the granny knot to be the easiest. You can see it looks somewhat like a pretzel in the photos. Once the know it tightened, cut off excess remaining strands. You have now successfully made a boondoggle and may do with it as you please.

Step 11: (Optional)

The pins that were shown in the materials section in step one can be used to hook on to the boondoggle as shown in the photo. It can now be used as an accessory on your key chain!