Introduction: English Pub Lights by Bending Fiber Optics, Lit With an LED

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So let’s say you want to make a fiber conform to the shape of a house to put Christmas lights up on it. Or maybe you want to come up an outside wall and have a right angle bend to the fiber. Well you can do this very easily.


1. A tray with boiling water
2. Some narrow tubing
3. The fiber you will be working with

Step 1: Cut Two Pieces of Tubing Into Which the Fiber Can Be Inserted


Cut two pieces of tubing into which the fiber can be inserted. Where they “join” is where you will make the bend.

Step 2: Boil Water and Put Into a Tray

Put some boiling water into a tray so that the piece of fiber can be inserted without burning your fingers. By the way, that is one of the reasons you will use some tubing - not only will it keep the fiber straight where you don’t want to make a bend, but it allows you to insert and manipulate the fiber in boiling water. Now insert the far end of the fiber into the tray and push it against the wall of the tray until it is bent in relation to the near end of the fiber.

Step 3: Remove the Assembly

Now remove the ‘assembly’ from the tray and you have a perfect, permanent bend in the fiber.

Step 4: Light Your Model!

Apply bent fiber on any structure you'd like and plug into the LampLighter to light up your model!