Engrave Acrylic Glass(simple Way)



Introduction: Engrave Acrylic Glass(simple Way)

To engrave acrylic glass you don't need to buy expensive tools like a cnc or a laser. This is properly the simplest method to engrave motives to acrylic glass.

Step 1: Parts and Tools Needed:


- Paper

- Tape


- Computer and printer

- scissors

- Dremel/rotary tool

Step 2: Print Your Motive

At the printing menu at "Layout" choose "flip horizontally"

Because when you engrave it on the top side it won't look flat and well engraved.

Also choose at "Quality and Media" "Grayscale printing"

Because it makes the engraving process a lot more easier .

This steps may look different depending on your OS and on your printer.

Step 3: Cut Your Motive Out

don't cut it 1:1 out just remove the big white borders.

Step 4: Tape Your Motive

Just tape your motive to the back side plastic foil of the acrylic glass.

Step 5: The Correct Head for the Rotary Tool

Use a small head like mine for your Dremel or rotary tool.

Step 6: Start Engraving

Before you start engraving you need to remove the plastic foil from the other side. Then use the rotary tool and trace your horizontally flipped motive on the other side. You can check for any mistakes by holding the acrylic glass into the light. Be careful and don't use to much pressure and don't melt the acrylic glass.

Step 7: Remove the Plastic Layer With the Paper Taped On

just remove the plastic foil on which you taped your motive.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Engraved Acrylic Glass

You can also watch our step by step video:

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