Enhanced Growth of Clover by Uranium Ore.

Introduction: Enhanced Growth of Clover by Uranium Ore.

About: I am a part-time hobbyists biotechnologist with a photonics background. I also have a YouTube channel too. I work part-time too.

Hello I am growing Clover seeds with heated soil (Not shown) to steriliser the soil. The heat will kill with the soil many pathogens too.

Uranium Ore 2.6 g is quite hot it reads on the clover 2000+ CPM, Ave 522 and 14.8 uSv an Hr of gamma this is a lot of Rads for those seeds. Keep that in mind. Also I thought it may prevent growth due to the intensity of gamma rays that are emitted, I was wrong.

Uranium ore is Legal to own but ILLEGAL to extract into yellow cake. If crushed into a powder it risks cancers of the lungs, etc if inhaled. Be extremely careful with Attenuite Ore when working with it. Never touch it with your bare hands the ore.

Always wear gloves and goggles (PPE) when working with slightly Radioactive materials.



Uranium Ore

Petri dish


Pipette to water the seeds

Small Plastic jugs.

Step 1: Growing the Clover.

The plants that were not irritated were exposed to very little gamma Radiation 0.40 uVs an Hr, etc. It is a low level of Radiation but i assume it did not effect the seeds.

1. Making the soil. Heat up Soil in water in a beaker at 149 degrees C. Make sure it is Pyrex. Heat it up let it dry I got 120 g of Soil fresh that lasted 1 month before I got rid of it.

2. Put the soil dried into the cups and add the clover and add 3-5 ml of tap water. Put it under a CFL or LED light to grow them.

Uranium Ore Projects.

Place a petri dish into a tin can with the Uranium Ore sealed Please see step 3, and Irritate the seeds for 5 days or so. After 5 days put new soil in the cups and grow the Irradiated tested clover. Expose to light like before.

Step 2: Growing the Control Then the Uranium Ore for 5 Days.

Here the clover reg was growing without any radiation source. I put into a petri dish with the seeds next to the clover and sealed it. Then i exposed them to 48 percent Uranium Ore with Attenuite Ore For 5 days then grew them in the same situation. A bright 16 W LED light was used to grow the clovers.

The control was grown in 5 days while the Uranium Ore Clover took 3 days. Here some data on it.

Rad Gamma source 14.7 uVs an Hr.

X-0 Hrs Y- 0 uVs an Hr total.

24 352.8 uVs an Hr.

48 705.6 uVs an Hr

72 1058.4 uVs an Hr

96 1411.2 uVs an Hr.

Here the info perfect R=1 for 30 uS an Hr for two Uranium ore samples with Clover seeds.

Days Hrs. uVs
an Hr per day total.

0 0

24 720

48 1440

72 2160

96 2880

In two days instead of 3.5 days the double exposure to ore- gamma increased growth. The gamma rays increased mitochondria growth and chloroplast metabolism. More CO2 and water increased Sugar and oxygen production. Auxin and cytokines also increased due to Radiation Project.

Step 3: Final Results

High levels of Radiation from the Gamma source encouraged the growth of the clover. The intense energy of the gamma was converted into energy the speed up the chloroplast and mitochondria growth too. At 1411 uVs an Hr total of gamma this is an interesting Project Indeed.

When I get my 8.2 g of Ore soon I will add that data in this Instructable so I look forward sharing this with you.

Thank you for reading this Instructable.

It was about with combo with the other ore near 30 uSv an Hr from gamma and the clovers sat in the container tin for 5 days. Then the clovers were grown on soil (Steralized) same method and it only took 1.5 days to 2 days max to see things (the clover grow).

What does this mean? The gamma obviously enhances hormones auxin and cytokines by speeding up metabolism of both the Mitochondria (sugars into ATP) and the chloroplast. It may only be exclusive to the clover since they are very small seeds thus the gamma rays can pentriate a lot easier.

Thicker seeds may have NO effect like Bean seeds. It the thickness of the seed that counts here. :)


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    3 years ago

    Waiting for the bigger Ore 8.2 g that will be 3.15 as potent in gamma and beta rays. In 3 days fast growth of clovers.