Eno Hammock Stand

Introduction: Eno Hammock Stand

Step 1: Supplies


3 2x6x8 pressure treated boards (~$5each)

~3 inch long wood screws

2 eye bolts

Step 2: Tools



Miter saw (skill saw will work too)

Screw driver

Tape measure


Step 3: First Cutting All the Pieces

For descriptive reasons I will use the terms "Board 1, Board 2, and Board 3"

Cut one foot off Board 1, this will be the long board underneath the bottom. (Save the excess)

Cut board 2 in half (4ft sections). These will be the stabilizing "feet"

Board 3 will will use later, just put it aside for now.

Now, go back and get the excess foot you cut off of board 1. Cut this in half. After you have done this, measure from the end of one of the pieces 5.75". Once you have done this, that should be a perfect square. Cut the square diagonally from one corner to the opposite one to create a triangle. Repeat with the other half of the remaining section from board 1. These will be used to connect the feet to the bottom long board.

Step 4: Assembling the Base

Place your two halves of Board 2 on either side of board 1 perpendicular to it, and flush with the end of the long board. Grab one of the triangles and drill screws in the top and the bottom to connect them to the feet and the long board. (See photos)

Repeat this step for the other side of the long board as well as the opposite side of the stand.

Step 5: The Arms

Go grab board 3.

This one may be a bit tricky.

What you want to do first is to cut board 3 in half. After you do this choose a side WITH NO KNOTS in the wood and cut a 45° angle in the very end of the board. You will want to then place the angled in flush with the bottom of the long board pushed all the way until it is touching the triangle piece. Drill in place generously. Repeat for the other side HOWEVER do this on the opposite side of the long board.

Step 6: Hook 'er Up!

Measure down from the tops of the arms about 3" and drill a hole about 3/4 the size of the eyebolt STRAIGHT DOWN into the wood. And screw in the eyebolt. You may have to use the screwdriver as leverage to screw it all the way in. Repeat for the other side.

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7 years ago on Introduction

Nice simple design. I have some ideas to make this stand portable.

Screw the triangle pieces to only the bottom boards (not the long piece so they can be removable), and the "uprights" could have two lag bolts (with washers and nuts instead of many screws). To fold the uprights along the bottom beam, remove one lag bolt so the second acts as a pivot point.

Another idea is to have only one lag bolt in the lower part of the upright, then have lines from the top (opposite from the eye bolts) that can be staked in the ground.


8 years ago on Introduction

What is the distance between the two eye bolts. I want to make sure my hammock isn't too long.

I love the way this looks! I just put up an instructable about how to make a DIY-Eno Hammock, and this stand would be great in my backyard. Thanks!


8 years ago

Well, I'm planning on taking it apart and taking it with me camping, so after I put it back together I am going to put stakes in the ground and tie it off for extra support.


8 years ago

Perfect! Question: in the last picture, what is the purpose of the paracord (neon green) tied to the eye bolt?