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Introduction: Entertainment Board 2.0

I made some simple entertainment for my 13 month old kid. She really loves to play with zippers and hanging stuff on hooks. So I made the best of two worlds come together. :)

I've made a similar entertainment board before and the fun thing is that you can add whatever you happen to find at home (keep it child safe though :)).

Step 1: Getting Started

This was going to be a simple project and I just took what wood I had, it happened to be a 1" by 1/2" piece.
I milled a rectangular hole where the zipper would be placed and also drilled holes for the stitches.

Then I drilled some holes for the hooks and for mounting.

The most advanced about this build was that I had a milling machine at my disposal.

Step 2: Blueberry Paint

I wanted to add some color to the wood but I didn't want to use regular harmful paint, so I boiled some blueberries and painted the wood with that.

The wood was really dry so there was no problem getting nice covering. I let the blueberry paint dry in the oven and then I did a second layer.

Step 3: Adding the Zipper

I used the drilled holes to stitch the zipper in place with some waxed 18/5 thread.

I used the milling machine to make some space for the stitches on the back.

Step 4: Up and Ready to Go

I added two hooks to the board and then my little helper mounted it at fitting hight.

Voilà! Ready to go! :)

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    5 years ago

    Hahaha this picture with the screwdriver made my day

    Blodad Tand
    Blodad Tand

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