Introduction: Entryway Coat Hanger

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Entryway Coat Hanger

We needed a entryway coat hanger one that can also hold other small items like hand bags, maybe gloves and the like in small the shelves above the hangers.

I have a general idea in my head what I want to achieve, as with msot of my projects they are off the cuff, and can make it all the more difficult to do a write up.

I first start by ripping the side boards to 160mm, I then cut them down to length on the mitre saw to 340mm, and finally taping them together and cutting the shape out on the bandsaw. I leave the table saw set so all the other cuts can be made.

Cutting another piece down at 160mm x 700mm for the first shelf, I also then drill the pocket holes ready for securing to the side pieces. Then I need to cut out the lower backer board where the actual coat hangers will go. The next piece is the middle support or divider of the shelf which is 160mm x 160mm. The final piece to cut is is the top shelf which is 780mm x 180mm.

Once the pieces are cut I decided that it would be done by pocket screw and dowel. The first on I need to tackle is the middle shelf divider support, I am going to dowel this one so there will be no sign of pocket holes, with the help of dowel markers the line up went well. From there I put spacers on the side pieces and to get the height of the shelf right, and join with glue and pocket hole screws.

I then can attach the lower backer board again using couple more blocks to hold the board in place and then glue and pocket hole screw in. The final jigsaw is to ad the header board across the top drill holes in the dowel and use dowel markers to maker the header board and glue and clamp.

I carefully stain the NZ Pine with Teck deck stain and turn on the over head radiant heater to help the drying process. Once dry we can add the hardware hangers and a single corner bracket and then hang.

The video can be watched here