Introduction: Envelope Art - Wedding Guestbook

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I wanted something unique for the guestbook for my wedding, so I decided to make a piece of art using coin envelopes!


Coin Envelopes, in any color
Heavy items to hold down the envelopes (I used Tomato Cans)
Foam Board, or a sturdy board to adhere the envelopes to


Step 1: Determine your design )I went with a leaf)
Step 2: Lay out the envelopes on a piece of foam board (or another sturdy board)
Step 3: As you're laying out the envelopes, you may want to use something heavy to keep them down in place.  I used some cans of tomatoes If you want to be able to use the envelopes, stagger them unevenly, making sure that each one is able to close and open without interfering with another
Step 4: Use UHU HOLDiT to adhere each envelope on the foam board.  If you don't want to remove every single envelope completely to put an adhesive on it, use this putty, and place little rolled up pieces of it on the corners and centers of the envelopes, where you think it is necessary to hold each envelope in place.
Step 5: Gently lift up your design in different places to make sure you have applied enough putty
Step 6: Hang (and frame, if you want) your design, and admire!

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