Introduction: Envelope With Seal Flap Pocket

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I made this instructable so that I will have something to look back into when I forget how to do this awesome skill my colleague, Abi, taught me.

It's awesome ... Here's why.

In making this envelope you only need a piece of rectangular paper. I used A4 sized colored paper in this instructable, It works with a 5"x 8" paper too. A ruler or anything hard and edged.

This envelope is special because it has a pocket for the seal flap, and there's no waste created. (Let's be friendly to the environment=). It's simple. You can easily figure out how to make them just by looking at the photos.

SO. Let's begin. :)

Step 1: STEP 1: Making the Bottom Flap

To come up with what the fifth photo shows , you'll need to fold the paper four times.Each fold is half of the previous.

Step 2: Step 2: Making the Side Flaps

The triangles created by folding the bottom corners will dictate the width of the side flaps.

Step 3: Step 3: Locking the Side Flaps in Place

Look at the 2nd and 7th photos in this Step. Without the ruler over the paper (2nd photo), it will open up like the 1st photo. To lock the side flaps in place, fold the bottom of the side flaps as shown in photos 5 and 6 and push them inside. Just follow the crease made from making the triangles previously.

Step 4: Step 4: Making the Seal Flap

Finally we need to shape the seal flap to make it fit in the pocket. I used the ruler and my finger nail to make a crease @ Point A to B (see third and 7th photo). With it, sliding the upper part of the side flap inwards will be easier. Once you achieved that Mt. Mayon like shape simply insert the seal flap in the pocket. Voila!

Hope you enjoyed it. I'll appreciate any comments you have for my first instructable.

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