Introduction: Onirical Fluctuations (Materialization of Light in Movement Into Water)

About: Anaisa Franco, 1981. In 2014 she got the Edith Russ Haus prize for emerging new media artists and got Emare-Eman prize to do a residence at Creative and Cognition Studios in Sydney and she also did a residence…

This is a project I have been developing where I try to build ephemeral platforms for projections.

In this case I will show a project called "Onirical Fluctuations" . I collected dreams of the people and I interpreted the dreams by doing animations and narrations. The animations were projected through out the water.

You can see more about the project in my webpage:

Step 1: Transparent Structure to Contain the Water

You have to find a transparent structure to fill with water. It can be a ball or an aquarium for example.

Step 2: Add Milk to the Water

Now you have to add a little bit of milk to the water. The milk makes the water dirty and then you can project.

Step 3: Prepare Your Digital Animations

the animations should be very contrasted and with strong colors. Photographic images doesn't work, only simples traces and strong colors.

Step 4: Projecting Your Animations With a Projector

You are going to see the image inside the water. It need to have strong and contrasted images.
Place your projector behind it and it will work!
Look the video:

Onirical Fluctuations from Anaisa Franco on Vimeo.