Introduction: Epic Ghostbusters Costume and Trunk

Every year we attend a Trunk or Treat, which we take very seriously. We have a title to defend! This one really raised the bar for the quality of trunks and costumes. This whole thing took about 4 months of hard work, and each element could be an instructable on it's own. Bear with me.

The Trunk: Inside was wrapped all in black sheets. Cheesecloth ghosts and plastic centipede toys were suspended from the ceiling under a black light. a low-lying fog machine was also used inside. The "Mobile Ghost Containment Unit" was made from a science fair board. A diaper wipe box, pvc pipe, paint and haz stickers were also used.

Ghostbusters Sign: Custom made Cardboard box painted black. A large piece of plexi glass from lowes was used as the front. we enlarged the logo and traced it onto the plexi. it was then hand painted. the trick was to put it on the back side, to keep the front nice and shiny. frosted glass spray paint was used to make it more opaque. The inside of the box was lined with aluminum foil, and 2 flourescent light sticks were used to light it up.

Proton Pack: The pack was made using another instructable as a guide. I wanted it to be made fairly on the cheap, and accuracy wasn't really an issue. The base was a piece of foam board attached to the Alice frame with zip ties. the main block was styrofoam and a tortilla warmer. Then whatever odds and ends tupperware, etc I could scrounge up. Then about 4 cans of black spray paint. I ordered a light kit for the blue and red lights. What made this pack REALLY stand out was the LED belt buckle and MUSIC!!! I added a dollar store set of speakers to the top, and used a 1st gen iPod Shuffle. The pack rotated through 3 songs from the movies. The green tank was added as an inspiration from the video game. it was just a metal water bottle with fish tank tubes full of slime. The wand was a block of the same styrofoam and pvc pipe. Most of the parts were found at the dollar store. The pack altogether cost about $300, but spread it over 4 months, it really wasn't that pricy. I found the jumpsuit at an army surplus store, along with the Alice frame. The patch was found on ebay for cheap, and the name tag was a piece of felt and puffy paint.

This was a good one for the whole family. My wife was Jeanine, and my 1 year old was Slimer. Of COURSE we won! Everyone was very impressed with it. If you're looking for an EPIC costume, then this is for you. The whole project took a while to make, but it was worth every minute.

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