Introduction: Motion Sensing Nerf Target

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The rest of the kids are firing completely off target, missing you by a mile. But you, that’s a whole different story. You are a master sniper with perfect aim. Why? Simple, you have been practicing on your electronic Nerf target. Now you are taking down this entire army, picking them off one by one. The kids began to retreat and the battle is over. After, you reveal your secret and show off your electronic target. Before you know, a line starts to form behind you. “$1.00 per minute,” you announce. You go home rich.

This motion sensing target sets off an LED light and a motor when a bullet hits a point close enough to the center with enough force.

Step 1: Materials

1 paper plate
1 motion sensor connected to:
1 motor
1 LED light
2 cardboard platform
3 batteries

Step 2: Make the Target

Cut the paper plate into a 5 inch circle. Poke a small hole that is about half a centimeter long inside. You might also want to draw red rings around the center.

Step 3: Install the Motion Sensor

Place about 5 small pieces of scotch tape over the center of the target. This should make anything that goes in the hole get stuck on the tape. Push the motion sensor into the hole so that it is stuck with the sensor facing towards the tape. Use hot glue and tape to keep it in place.

Step 4: Make the Platform.

Cut a small 4 inch box out of the card board. Use hot glue to secure a binder clip as shown the the target. Then glue that box to the other cardboard platforms. Finally, glue the bottom of the binder clip to the bow so the target faces up. When the target is hit, it should shake and set off the motion sensor.

Step 5: Attach the Light

Apply tape to the wires below the light. There should now be a square of tape directly below the light. Add hot glue to the tape and press it onto the front of the box or anywhere else that is visible. When a Nerf bullet hits the target, it will set off the motion sensor and the light will turn on.

Step 6: Set Up the Motor

With the remainder of the paper plate, make a sign that says “bullseye” and glue it to the spinning part of the motor. Then bend a popsicle stick into a 90° angle and cut off the ends. Glue one end to the platform so that the other faces up and parallel to the box. Glue the motor to the price that is sticking up. Make sure that there is room for the sign to spin.

Step 7: Thank Sparky Giraffe and Vote for His Project

If you have enjoyed practicing professionally, taking down an entire army, and getting rich, please vote for me.

Step 8: If You Need an Awesome Bow to Practice With...

Here is another one of my instructables that is super AWESOME!!!

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