Introduction: Epic Pranks!

Shucks! You've been pranked. But it can't end there, you must get them back! Here, I've gathered several pranks that are easy and hilarious to play on others.

Step 1: Keyboard SwitchaRoo

Best played on visual typers, this a fast and easy way too mix someone up. Simply pop the keys off of the victims key board and switch them around. Just make sure they have no important papers that they are working on.

Step 2: Duct Tape Toilet Paper

This prank will definantly make someone check for toilet paper before they ever take a dump again. Just swap out the toilet paper for some classic duct tape.

Step 3: Rubber Band the Phone

This is a bit more time consuming, but just as easy. Take some rubber bands and wrap them around an office phone. Then wait for a call to capture the victims hilarious panic!

Step 4: Air Horn!

A classic! Tape a airhorn under an office chair or on a wall behind a door so that when the victim opens the door or sits down, that get a LOUD surprise. BRRRRR!

Step 5: Kitty, Kitty

Does a coworker love cats? Or better yet hate cats? Just print out several pictures of cats and cover their desk with them. Don't forget to change the wallpaper to some cute kitties.

Step 6: Toilet Time!

Print out a funny or scary picture and tape it on the toilet cover. Just wait and listen for their yell of surprise.

Step 7: Humor Signs

Not so much of a pranks as a joke, but still. Type up some funny letters and post them aroud the office. Better yet, around town. Have fun with it.

Step 8: Keyboard Garden

Tons of Fun! Pop out the keys on a friends keyboard. fill the key board with soil and grass or flower seeds before putting the keys back in. Best played over the weekend to let the plants grow. Just be prepared to buy a new keyboard.

Step 9: JELLO!

Everyone loves jello. The taste appeals to the kids while the easy to make mixture appeals to pranksters. Jello a stapler, or go further with a computer mouse, keyboard, or whole computer! Just be prepared to replace any damaged property.

Step 10: Cup the Office.

Ok, I admit. This one's pretty difficult, but it pays off. Fill hundreds of cups with water and speed them around the office or school floor. This might take many people many hours.

Step 11: Wrap the Car

Easy and priceless! Take some store bought plastic wrap or cellophane and wrap a friends car. Then try the office desk. Then the kitchen. Then the House!. Make sure nobody is in a rush and needs their car.

Step 12: Face in the Scanner

Print out a famous face and tape it on the scanner lid. Then wait for a person to try to scan something a get it back with a face. FUN!

Step 13: Have Fun

I hope this instuctable gave you some ideas. Go have fun out there, but make sure they do too.

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