Introduction: Episode 21: Back to School Special - the Nap Notebook

With School just around the corner, we here at Stupid Inventions wanted to make something to make this painful time a little easier.

So we've developed The Nap Notebook!

Now, whenever you want to take a short nap in class, just lay your head on the Nap Notebook and it will automatically start recording your class for you! You'll be able to nap for as long as you want without missing a thing!

Check out the video to see it in action:

The following is just a short Instructable explaining how I made this simple device. You're results will vary based on your components, but the basic idea should be the same.

What you'll need:
1x Recording Device
1x Plastic Knife
1x Notebook Binder
Tape, and other bits...

Step 1: Setting Up the Recorder

The basic design is this:

The knife (or any long, thin piece of plastic or something similar...) is attached to the recording device and will be placed in the notebook in such a way that when you press down anywhere on the notebook, the recording device will be pushed down as well.

You may need to add a piece of plastic to the record button, so that when its pressed down it will start to record.

Sound easy?

That's because it is! :)

Step 2: Placing the Modified Recorder Into the Notebook

Placement of the device really depends on where you normally put your head down.

I decided to put the recorder in the middle of the binder, so that the metal rings would protect it when you close it, I think that's the best option, but you can experiment with it.

So that's all there is to it!

Your notebook should now start recording as soon as you put your head down!

I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have any questions in the comments!