Introduction: Epoxy Brass Wall Clock

It is fun to make a epoxy resin pour art and experiment with color and waves and what not. Once the epoxy pour art is finished it feels complete and ready to frame but I took a step further and want everyone to look at my catastrophical pour art so I made clock and attached it to my epoxy pour art.
In this project I will show u how to make a unique wall clock and hopefully impact some knowledge that I have gained.

Step 1: Materials

Most of the things that i used in this project are scrap or used like the clock mechanism that I used was from an old clock which looks old, u could even buy them online or in ur local store as these clock mechanism are cheap and could be bought very easily

▪︎Clock Mechanism
▪︎Clear Epoxy
▪︎Circular MDF board
▪︎Color pigments
▪︎Cups and Stirrer
▪︎Brass plate ( u can use any metal plate of 1 to 2mm thick ness)

Step 2: Prepare the Epoxy

When u buy Epoxy it come in two parts one the the epoxy itself and the second is the hardener. The clear Epoxy has to be mixed with the hardener with a ratio of 2:1 I.e for every 2 cup of epoxy u must add 1 cup of hardener(The ratio may very depending upon the type and brand). So prepare 750ml of the mixture (i.e 500ml of epoxy vigorously stirred with 250ml of hardener) and pour it in to 4 or 5 individual cup to add the color pigment. You can buy these epoxy color pigments online and there are a variety of color for u to choose from. So let ur imagination flow and make 5 or more individual cups of resin colors.

Step 3: The Pour

This is the fun part, once the Epoxy colors are ready it time to pour the resin on the MDF board and make weird art. Use ur imagination and randomly pour the color and make some art.
•But remember to place some plastic sheets or newspaper so that it won't be a mess
•Also place the MDF in such a way that it is little elevated from the table the excess Epoxy can flow away easily
•Once when u r satisfied with ur art work let's it cure for 12 to 15 hours and do not disturb it in any way
• U can use a heat gun to remove amy air bubbles in ur art work before u let it cure

Step 4: The Clock

I had this Brass plate with for a long time so I used it to make the numbers of the clock like a frame. So I picked up a template from pinterest and laser cut the template on the brass. U could design ur own clock in 2D and just let the laser do the work. Once the numbers of the clock is ready sand it and polish it.

Step 5: Assembly

Now that everything is ready it's time to put everything together. Fix the clock mechanism on the number frame which was laser cut and check for any disturbance of the clock arms. Then fix the clock on ur Epoxy art work using epoxy itself by offsetting it so that u have a good view of the art as well as the clock. Clamp them together and let it cure

Step 6: Mount It and Stand Back to Enjoy

Once the clock holds up it's time to fix it in the wall. There are so many ways u could fix it to a wall. I bought a metal frame hanger from my local hardware store that is use to hang photo frame in the wall. So I attached that metal hanger to my clock and drilled a hole in the wall and attached a screw and then fixed the clock.

Step back and enjoy ur creation. This is how my clock looks on my wall and happy with the way it came out.

Thank you for making it this far hope u like my clock making. I'm a beginner and very new to instructables so hope to improve my writing and presentation and I would love to hear ur thoughts on my making in the comments.


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