Introduction: Epoxy Table With Light

Excited to share my instructable.

Use your imagination as to what you would want to put in your table. We chose a sea life theme.

You can also use any battery powered led light that will fit in the epoxy space.


Step 1: Take Apart and Rebuild Table

Take apart an old table to remove the center. In this case I also resized the table to make it smaller. Be sure to pull any old staples or remove large chucks of wood glue before cutting pieces. After resizing pieces rebuild your table. I used 1/4 plywood for the new center part this left about 3/4" space to the top edge. Be sure to seal any cracks on the edges so epoxy does not leak through.

Drill a hole for the led light cord to go through, in this case the table has a drawer for the battery pack to sit in. If you are doing a table with out a drawer you can use velcro to hide the battery pack on the bottom side of the table.

Sand all the wood to get a smooth finish. Find a matching stain at your hardware store. I used and stain that included polyurethane.

Allow stain to dry for 24 hours.

Step 2: Adding Items

After you table is all dry you ready to add you items where the epoxy will be poured.

The led light cable needs to but cut in order to go through a small hole from the bottom, be sure to reconnect and test your lights to make sure they come on.

First steps is use the spay glue to hold the paper in place. Allow about 30 min for drying.

After the glue for the paper is dry, use a hot glue gun to glue down your items and led lights. This way the items will not move while you are pouring the epoxy in. In case I hid the cable led connection cable from the bottom of the table under a shell.

Now you are ready for epoxy!

Follow the instructions for the epoxy you purchase. In this case I did two pours. On the first pour which was about 1/8" thick, glitter was sparingly poured onto the epoxy after the epoxy was poured into the center to give it an ocean sand look. On the second pour a small about glitter was pour into the epoxy while mixing. Be sure to pour your epoxy in a well ventilated area. Allow for drying time according to the epoxy instructions.


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