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Step 1: Step1:Build the Base Board and the Hinge

1. The board is 81 cm long, 20 cm wide and 1.2 cm high.

2. Each hinge has an outer diameter of 2.4 cm, an inner diameter of 2 cm and a height of 2.5 cm.

3.The two plates are joined by a connecting shaft having a length of 21 cm and a diameter of 1.8 cm.

4.Use the knob to fix the hinge so that itdoes not rotate freely.


(1)The board surface is made of seven layers of maple cold pressed, so that the board surface has sufficient elasticity.

(2)The double-warping part is 22.5 degrees from the horizontal plane, which is convenient for users to complete various technical actions. (3)The top of the knob is made into a love shape that is convenient for the user to rotate and beautiful.

Step 2: Step2:Build a Portable Part Connected to the Hinge

1. Make the handle into a love heart shape, because the two arcs of the love heart match the human hand shape, which is convenient for carrying.

2.Combine the hand piece with the hinge.


When the knob is twisted, the handle is simply folded in half by hand, which is very convenient.

Step 3: Step3:Build the Wheels

1.The outer diameter of the wheels is 5 cm.

2. Adjust the inner diameter.

3.Use 1.3 cm bearings to connect the wheels sothat the wheels can be rotated flexibly.


1. The skateboard wheel has experienced a long history. As early as the 1940s, the skateboard wheels were made of metal. At the 1950s-1960s, the skateboard wheels became clay. Until the 1970s, the skateboard wheels was made of polyethylene. Therefore, the wheels of my skateboard are also made of polyethylene.

2. The wheel is a cruise wheel. Due to the large contact surface, the cruise wheel is generally larger in diameter, which is more suitable for travel and long distance taxiing.

Step 4: Step4:Build the Base


(1)The bracket is made of aluminum alloy, and only the axle portion of the

bracket is titanium alloy, which is the lightest and strongest.

(2)A polyurethane buffer sleeve is disposed between the support apex and the support column.

Step 5: Step5:Combine the Base With the Wheels

Step 6: Step6:Combine All the Parts and Fix Them

Step 7: Steps7:Decorate the Skateboard


Handwritten fonts make skateboards feel intimate, and use various physical and mathematical formulas to make skateboards popular among young people, so that skateboarding has the vitality and enthusiasm of young people, and makes users resonate.

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