Escape From Reality

Introduction: Escape From Reality

Turn your phone into a fully immersive virtual reality headset. Enter a world where you play from inside the video game. Your movements serve as the controller, just look around to change direction. Go for a walk on the beach using video filmed from all angles to provide a full360 degree spherical picture with you in the center, explore the moon, view 3D photography and much more. Do all this, with your phone and an inexpensive VR headset you can build yourself.

Step 1: Google Cardboard

Probably, the least expensive and fastest way to get started with VR is the Google Cardboard headset. This is an open source project, designed to make it easy for everyone to enjoy VR. Files for the template and instructions are available at

As you can see, I made mine from a Coca Cola box. The lenses were purchased from amazon. HERE.

I had the elastic and magnets laying around already. I've seen others use lenses from toy binoculars and have seen project to make your own lenses.

The Cardboard app for Android is free and has great demos to get you started right away.

Step 2: Open Dive VR Headset

The Open Dive VR Headset is a 3D printable design that adds the ability to adjust the position of the lenses to fit your eyes and focus the image. With a little effort you can achieve a professional look and feel.

The .stl files and a good tutorial can be found here.

Mine was printed in PLA plastic by a printer on With the addition of a magnet switch, lenses and my Samsung Galaxy S5 my Open Dive headset was ready for gaming, 3D videos and much more. a USB OTG cable I was able to conect my PS3 six axis controller for some true first person action.

Step 3: Find VR Content

The Google Cardboard app is a great place to start and the photosphere viewer demo might inspire you to take 180 x 360 degree photosphere technology. See my instructable on Photospheres

Start taking your own 3D photos and when you're ready for more, search the Google Play store for VR to find dozens of apps designed for side by side 3D action.

You can also search Youtube for YT3D videos for some amazing 3D imax quality videos. Or search equirectangular video or 360 video for content that puts you in the video.

Get ready because more content is being published everyday and your phone has the capability to unlock a virtual reality.

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    I dunno where to find lens!!


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    I think these are the ones I used.