Escaping Butterfly Greeting Card

Introduction: Escaping Butterfly Greeting Card

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Hello today i will show you how to make a greeting card with escaping butterflys in it the card is very easy to make its just a regular sized A4 paper folded into half then you can decorate it however you want


2 sheets of A4 paper one for the wing the other for the card
Markers for decorating your card and the butterfly
Rubber band
Copper wire peel off the insulation tube if any

Step 1: Making the Wings

Make a sketch of the butterfly wings like mine or even better then design it and cut it out.

Step 2: Making the Upper Wing Bone

Take the copper amd measure 16.5cmthen cut it with your plier .now fold it into half then let the two ends meet it will form a loop now take your plier into the loop then bend the legs outwards do the same for the other leg make sure you don't bend it too much.

Step 3: Making the Lower Wing Bone

Now take another piece of wire and measure 25cm then cut it off now fold it into half making the two ends meet take a pen and roll it on it once make sure the loop is a perfect circle now take your plier and put it over the loop then bend it downwards creating an L shape measure 2cm then bend it outwards .Measure 0.5cm then bend it. inwards then it will make an out ward triangle .Bend it to its original straight position now measure 1.5cmthen bend it downwards do the same for the other side .

Step 4: Assembling the Pieces of the Butterfly

Now place the rubber band between your fingers then catch the rubber band with the loop of the upper wing bone hold onto it the ends of the rubber band cause , you need to insert the rubber band into the bigger loop in the lower wing body part then hook it into the two hook hands at the end of the body part.then stretch it over the two hook hands then let go.

Step 5: Assembling the Wings

Put some glue on the fold then attach it on the bottom of the body , do the same for the other one remember to press down firmly so the wing stays in place now put the upper wing on the upper wing bone then do thesame for the others.

Step 6: Lets Try It Out

Spin the top part of the butter fly for a really long time then slip it inside the card then when you open the card the butterfly will try to fly out.I hope you enjoyed it.

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    3 years ago

    nice one its totally out of the box .... an original piece


    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! : )