Esp32 Attendance System

Introduction: Esp32 Attendance System

Using an RFID reader and an Esp32 you can make an Attendance System that can post the data on a website.


- 1 Esp32

- 1 RFID Reader

- 1 LCD Display

- 1 I²C Module

- 1 Breadboard

- 17 Jumper Wires

Step 1: YouTube Tutorial:

Step 2: Card ID Finder:

Use this program to get the Card ID for your Card to add into the main program.

Step 3: Notes for Downloading Code:

When downloading the code make a new sketch and add 2 new tabs and paste each sketch of the code into these tabs.

Step 4: Code:

Step 5: Schematic:

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    11 months ago

    Excellent work! You could turn this into a really professional system by having the ESP32 call an API a web server with the card ID. The server could then identify the student, log the time, and send back display information to the unit.
    Again, this is an awesome project! Keep up the good work!


    Reply 11 months ago

    Thanks, I like the idea of turning this into a real product in the future.