Introduction: Automate Your Home Lights From Web Browser Using Esp8266

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Do you want to control Electrical Lights at your home from your web browser less than $20. I completed this project under $20, I used esp8266 esp12 from ai-thinker which cost me $5, a relay module $5, Lights $5, other equipment $5.

More about this project can be followed here :

You can control upto 9 devices from esp8266 without connecting any additional or supporting board to it.

WiFi web server:

This program connected to the wifi home server that is specified by the user, Once it connected to the homeserver, you can check the IP address assigned to the esp8266 by logging into your WIFI modem and check for the DHCP Clients List. Open a broswer and type in the IP address that your esp8266 has associated with, you will see the webpage returned by the module and wait for the command from the user.

Step 1: Download ESPlorer

Download esplorer from the link

More about this project can be followed here :

Step 2: Connect Your ESP8266 Board to Your Computer

Follow the detailed tutorial in the above video: If your using esp8266 board preloaded with Lua firmware you don't need to upload the firmware, you can directly upload the program to your esp8266 board.

Step 3: LUA Program

Download the LUA program from

Step 4: