Introduction: Esp8266 + Sensor Temperarture DS18B20 to Emoncms

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Temperature monitoring using the ESP8266 + Temperature sensor DS18B20 (OneWire) + Arduino IDE and Emoncms platform module.

Emoncms can be installed on a web host, in this case and pre-installed on my local server.

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OpenEnergyMonitor (Emoncms)

Project development based on open source developed by Trystan Lea, this application has tools for measuring energy or electricity consumption, mixing hardware and software which is available to anyone who wants to start measuring and regulation of energy consumption, the purpose of this project is sustainable development.

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Step 1: Programming With Arduino IDE ESP8266

Our module is programmed using the Arduino IDE.


Components and materials required for testing

1 ESP8266

1 Sensor DS18B20 Onewire

1 FTDI Serial converter- usb

1 Resistor 4.7 K

20 Wires

Step 2: Connecting the Arduino and Sensor DS18B20

1 The esp8266 module has 2 gpio and use the GPIO 2 for temperature reception via OneWire.

2 Wireless network parameters are set the code.

3 Sensor connection uses only 2 wires, gnd and OneWire plot, taking into account the connection of resistance

Step 3: Testing

Using the serial debug terminal:

  1. the correct reading of the sensor from the ESP8266 and the corresponding value.
  2. Emoncms communication with server and sending JSON from the ESP8266.

The ESP8266 send data and Emoncms platform makes graphics and data processing in real time.


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