Etching Machine With Variable Speed

Introduction: Etching Machine With Variable Speed

In this topic, we would like to share about how to make Etching Machine for personal use. We got this idea when we wanted to make minimum system for ATMega328p. The most boring step in printing a PCB layout when we do the etching step. It is wasting time and make hand pain :D. Therefore, we made this machine to make it easier for everyone to etch.


(Translation to Bahasa Indonesia)

Pada topik ini, kami ingin berbagi tentang cara membuat Mesin Etching untuk penggunaan pribadi. Kami mendapat ide ini ketika kami ingin membuat sistem minimum untuk ATMega328p. Langkah paling membosankan dalam mencetak layout PCB yaitu ketika kita melakukan etching. Hal itu sangat membuang waktu dan membuat tangan pegal :D. Oleh karena itu, kami membuat mesin ini untuk memudahkan semua orang untuk mengetching pcb.

Step 1: Required Components

List of Components :

1. CD/DVD ROM that has been damaged or not used (1)

2. Arduino Nano [you can use other tipes of arduino] (1)

3. L293D IC (1)

4. Switch (1)

5. Variable resistor (1)

6. DC socket (1)

7. Cables

8. Limit switch (1)

9. Spacer bolts (4)

10. Bolts (4)

11. Acrylic sheet

12. Spray paint (optional)

13. Adaptor 5V [you can use battery] (1)

Equipment Needed :
1. Soldering Iron

2. Tin Solder

3. Glue Gun with Glues

4. Drill with Bits

Step 2: Making a Mechanical System (1)

1. Release iron case from mechanic of CD/DVD Rom

2. Release plastic part at the top of CD/DVD mechanic

3. Release a stepper

4. Leaving only the mechanical parts of the rail and dc motor

Step 3: Making a Mechanical System (2)

1. Make 4 holes in the slider area to make a new placemat

2. Measure and cut an acrylic sheets according to the size of the slider area

3. Provide 4 spacer bolts

4. Install the cut acrylic to the slider area with the spacer bolts

Step 4: Making a Mechanical System (3)

1. Prepare the acrylic sheet and cut it according to the size of the bottom area of the mechanical CD / DVD ROM

2. To make it more beautiful use spray paint to repaint the mechanic and make sure the acrylic size is right

3. Make hole & place it to the bottom of mechanical

4. Install it with bolts

Step 5: Making a Mechanical System (4)

Install the base area to the slider with clear acrylic and put basin.

Step 6: Wiring Diagram

Here is the schematic of electrical for this etching machine.

Step 7: Electrical Assembling

Here is the schematic of electrical assembling.

Step 8: Upload Code

Here is the code. Upload to Arduino from computer with usb.

Step 9: Documentation

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