Introduction: Etching

Step 1: Things Required

1. Copper clad
2. Etching solution (30%hcl and 6%h2o2)
3. Correction pen
4. Nail polish remover

Step 2: Preparing the Etching Solution

Mix HCl acid (hydrochloric acid )and H2o2 (hydrogen peroxide ) in 4:1 ratio.

*NOTE - the concentration of reactions and the mix ratio can have a varied range . These are just the values which I prefer.

Step 3: Making Circuit

Draw your circuit on copper clad with the help of correction pen

Step 4: Method

After drawing the circuit place it in the solution wait for 2 to 3 hours the solution will turn green from transparent

Take out the circuit wash it with water clean the water with dry cloth rub the pen ink with nail polish remover and your circuit will be ready