Eton FR160 Hack (broken Crank Shaft)



Introduction: Eton FR160 Hack (broken Crank Shaft)

You were winding you're Eton microlink (or similar windup radio) and the crank shaft snapped off. Oh noes!
Luckily you've found you're way here.
You could glue the snapped plastic into place, or try welding the plastic. Or alternatively leave it outdoors in direct sunlight for 10 hours charging up the battery with the built in solar panel. If you are as forgetful as me you would end up leaving it overnight and risk the morning dew collecting on the electronics, thus rendering it beyond repair. Or perhaps it is winter and overcast, instead of waiting for the sun to shine and being unprepared for a sudden blackout this would be a more reliable method.
I have tried ordering a replacement crank from Eton, sadly it was out of warranty when it snapped off. To top it off they did not carry any replacements. That's how she goes I suppose...
There is hope! Read on to revive you're busted cyberlink.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:
1 screwdriver
1 cordless phone (Uniden 2.4ghz)
1 Broken cyberlink wind up radio

The phone I used is a Uniden 2.4ghz as shown in the picture.
If you have this model then you're all set.
However you will have to make sure of a couple things if using another brand or model.
First off, it is IMPORTANT to get the voltage right. Inside the phone the battery reads "DC 3.6V 600mAh"
Luckily for me the battery in my radio reads the same thing, Just in a smaller format. Similar to how a D cell battery and an AAA cell battery have the same voltage output. Also you will need to make sure the connection between the battery and the phone fit properly.

DISCLAIMER: I have charged my radio battery using this method a few times with no fire. If you choose to use the same method I am not responsible for any cause of injury. If this seems a bit risky and you are unsure about it DO NOT DO IT.

Step 2: Disassemble

Here it is. Very simple to do. First of all, make sure you're radio IS NOT covered under warranty. If it is over a year old based on the receipt than chances are the company will not repair it. LET"S BEGIN

Unscrew the bottom battery compartment lid. Once the screw has been removed slide it off and you will see the battery.
Now, you will want to gently separate the two wires at the white connectors. DO NOT cut the wire, but you already knew that ;)

Step 3: The Phone

Here we go, almost done.
Now that you have checked the battery voltages on both the phone and radio batteries you will need to remove the battery from the phone.
Remove the back cover from the cordless phone exposing the battery.
Simply grip the connector and wiggle it free.

Step 4: The Switch

Now place the radio battery slot into the cordless phone slot.
Replace the cover and you're done! Well, almost ;)

Step 5: Chaaaaarge!

Now is the waiting game.
Since the voltage on both the batteries are identical I used the instructions from the back of the phone battery. They say to fully charge the battery it will take between 15 to 20 hours. I didn't want to risk a fire so I gave it a good 13 hours.
When you're ready place the phone with it's transplanted battery onto the cradle and wait. When the time is up you should have a fully charged battery. Simply place it back into you're radio and crank the tunage.

Hope you enjoyed this ible and found it helpful. :)

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