Euro Pallet Log Shed - 7 Foot High Approx




Introduction: Euro Pallet Log Shed - 7 Foot High Approx

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My wife and I found it was becoming a pain to bend over and reach into our original built pallet DIY home made pallet log sheds. The original one is behind the green tarp. Therefore I embarked on buiding a much taller pallet log shed made from Euro pallets.

A - We wouldn't have to bend over and reach in for logs.
B - It would have 2 doors on it to allow seasoned and seasoning logs to be segregated and reduce using up unseasoned logs to get gradually the seasoned logs in the original pallet shed.
C - It would allow better access to load the pallt shed with freshly cut logs.

I built this log shed over a period of 4 weeks during the day and evening at times when it was dry and mild, going on freezing cold. Hence why the photos may appear out of sinc with the natural light.

I am an amature carpenter and learnt as I went along when I made very minor mistakes. If you are a professional carpenter or a really good hands on amature DIY log shed builder you may find easier ways of building this log shed.

Any tips and constructive feedback is welcome. As are questiones or queries from anyone wishing to use this to build their own Euro pallet log shed.

Step 1: Resources & Tools

To build a double stacked Euro Log shed you need ; 5 Euro pallets, 2 collapsable euro pallet sides, 2 half Euro pallets, 2 Euro size wooden boards, 1 squarer pallet,14 metal holed panels, galvanised round head nails, saw, pen, wrecking bar, paint brush, wood care preservative coat, 6 hinges, 2 hooks and holes, roll of felt, work gloves, time and decent weather ( difficult to get in the Scottish Highlands!). PPE I mention more specifically before you commence painting on the wood care preservative coat.

Step 2: Bottom Base Layer Construction.

With your Euro pallets, place one the correct way up as the bottom floor. Then using the wrecking bar remove the middle legs from each of 2 more Euro pallets. Keep hold of these. Once you have done this place the bottom side down facing each other onto the sides of the correctly placed bottom pallet. Using the Euro collapsable pallet side, place this on top of the pallets. Using the 2 half Euro pallets place onto the bottom sided legs.

By doing this you've adding weight and stability to the structure for nailing in supporting connecting metal panels.

Step 3: Metal Pannel Support Connection

Add the metal holed panels to the left middle and right where the feet of the bottom Euro Pallet meet the Euro pallet on its side. Make the metal panel cover 50% of the 2 pallets and using the hammer and nails bang the nails in. Do this on both sides of the pallets.

Step 4: Constructing the Upper Log Shed Wall

Repeat using the wrecking bar to remove a middle leg of 2 more Euro pallets and put the pallets respectively on top of the previous pallet side walls and put the 2 half euro pallets with wooden pannel boards ontop of the pallet legs as shown. Additionally agaon placing the Euro panel side on top to help align the pallet sides.

Attach the metal holed panels 50/50 to the ends of the pallet sides, 2 at the bottom and 2 to the middle sides to where the pallets meet on both ends of the pallets.

Step 5: Mid Pallet Beams & Doors.

Mid Pallet Beam

Using the spare legs you removed from the pallets already, you can trim 3 of these to then place and nail and hammer in across the mid section of the pallet along the centre legs of the pallets on the pallet side walls. This will give the pallet log shed stabilty and strength.

Doors. Using the wrecking bar remove all the legs from 2 more pallets. The 2 pallets will become the log shed doors.

Fasten hinges ( I used 3 per pallet door, top middle and bottom on the pallet) to the pallet and pallet wall sides and you will then have 2 doors. on the opppsite side attach the door hook and holes at an appropriate height.

Step 6: Creating the Roof.

You should hopefully have got hold of a square pallet.

Remove 2 of the pallet legs. The last leg, remove the bottom plank of wood leaving the 3 leg stumps attached to the pallet.

Step 7: Pallet Roof Legs & Corner Stopppers.

With your spare remaining Euro pallet side, place it on a pallet or ground to how it would normally sit. Trim the pallet roof legs so they fit snuggly within the Euro pallet side when placed on top. Once you are happy, place spare cut up wood from the planks onto the opposite corners of the pallet roof on the under side. So when the pallet roof naturally tilts when placed on the Euro pallet side it fits snuggly. I call these scraps of wood nailed on as stoppers. As they stop the pallet roof from moving.

Top tip, see if the pallet roof fits snuggly on the actual Euro pallet side on that is on the log shed.

Step 8: Pallet Roof Pannels

Nail on the 2 Euro size wood boards so they overlap the pallet roof shed and overhang. Attempt to make them sit side by side.

Optionally you can see what the log pallet shed looks like by placing the roof ontop. You may need another person to help you with this bit. preferably someone else who is also tall.

Step 9: PPE & Wood Preservation Coating

Please make sure you use the correct PPE. Recommended is disposable paper head to foot coverall, gloves, goggles, boots,and a face mask to reduce any wood preservation coat paint from getting on your skin, eyes and face. The painting of this must be done outside.

Also make sure if you have young kids or pets, that they are indoors or construction is taking in a sealed off area OUTSIDE where they cannot get near it whilst the paint is drying or you are in the process of painting.

Opening up and then mixing the wood preservation coat, start to paint the inside of the constructed log shed first then paint the outside.

Optional - I then painted the pallet pannelled roof incase it rained whilst waiting for the main pallet log shed to dry.

Step 10: Felting the Roof & Finishing It Off

Whilst and once the painted pallet roof has dried on your spare Euro pallet side, get a roll of felt and nail / tac it to the wooden panel.

Once you determine the log shed is dry , with a friend place the roof onto the log shed and you then have a complete pallet log shed.

Step 11: Lessons Learnt and Tips

I was unfortunate that the Scottish weather isnt always favourable to my outside DIY projects, so it took me 4 weeks to complete, day and night.

I suggest if you are in a similar position is to have tarp close by incase it rains and you can protect the construction of ot if its taking more than a few days to construct and warm clothing.

A plentiful supply of hot drinks is helpful and a warm open fire already on the go is desirable so you can take breaks indoors to defrost your hands.

If you can get a mate who lokes to help and is also tall is a bonus. I managed to do this all by myself.

If you do end up doing this like me in the evening have suitable outside lights to illuminate your work area. I had a portable bright spot lamp which was handy for this.

Also I built the log shed to where I was finnally moving it to. Just by the cottage's wall.

If your surface around the log shed isnt clear lay down wooden boards or tarp so if any nails fall you can clearly see them to pick them up.

If you use this I wish you good luck and if you can adapt or improve on it please let me know. I may take on your improved ideas for this Euro pallet log shed.

Step 12: Add Freshly Cut Wood

The Scottish weather proved favourable for cutting wood. The two sides of the shed can be used for seasoning wood while the other side for wood that had been seasoning ready for your fire. By having a full shed of cut logs it add strength to the shed. Optional extras would be to attach a torch or some sort of lighting to enable you to collect wood when its dark.

Top tip would be to have your saw horse or cutting device near the entrance to your garden or wood area close to where you deposit freshly cut logs. Also it makes sense to have the shed close to your saw horse as well, less of a journey between the shed and the saw horse.

Thanks for looking

Andy Mcintosh

Step 13:

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    7 years ago

    Shown better in todays's daytime. Just storing extr materials until next weekend when the Scottish weather is hopefully better to cut some dead wood in the forest.


    Reply 7 years ago

    Nice job, i made something similar myself recently with the same idea sorry for the dark night time photos all made with reclaimed wood and filled with reclaimed wood off cuts and other pallets for my wood burner.


    Reply 7 years ago

    Hi. I like the wood colour of your one. It least your one is full of wood for burning. How long did it take you to build?


    Reply 7 years ago

    I plan to paint it in the spring the same as my shed, its only natural wood colour for now because i ran out of time. only took about an hour to put together, just one pallet on the bottom, two high on either side and secured to the shed on the back, an old fence panel on top for a roof, and then felted for water proofing


    Reply 6 years ago

    You've lucky not to have the Scottish Weather hindering your progress. I think I'll stick a wee battery light in mine on a leg I left on the centre the pallet roof. I'm considering putting on a fold up bench to the right side of mine for putting a log splitter on. That way the pile of split logs can be stuck in quicker.


    Reply 6 years ago

    I like your idea of building a shed to store wood,putting a bench for a log splitter great ideas. We live in Canada and I would like to have a wood shed near our house to store enough wood in for about a week at a time, we buy about four cords of wood for the every winter and we just pile it off to the side of our driveway and cover it with a tarp. My husband could bring enough wood to the wood shed near our house once a week.Great idea.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Hi. I've almost finished my next project which stems from the log shed. It's a pallet / recycled wooded Euro Pallet Outhouse. I shall be sticking up photos soon when i complete it. I've not taken as many photos but follows pretty much the same principles as the log shed I built.

    Have you had a chance to finish off your log shed.

    Again time and weather have been the factors but on the plus side free wood and pallets have been invaluable. Hopefully you have been able to finish off your log shed.