Introduction: Europe Wooden Puzzle

In order to create this product you will be needing many materials.In this case you will be needing a wooden board,(preferably rectangular,at least 50cm on the shorter side and 70-90 cm on the longer side,depending on how much you want to show,this can be seen in the first image) and something cut the peaces out with.For this I will be using an automatic saw( which can be seen in the second image) however any other tool that can make accurate cuts is just as good for this purpose.In the case of using the automatic saw you must pay attention to safety,which includes wearing googles and always making sure that your and is not in the way of the saw.

Step 1: Creating the Outline

Next I drew a map of Europe onto the wooden board and then outlined the coastlines and drew in the borders for the country.This step is perhaps the easiest one as it only requires you to copy from the internet.I would advise to draw the borders with pencil as in case you make a mistake when cutting,it makes it much easier to erase and correct,in comparison with drawing it with marker which is much harder to correct.

Step 2: Decorating

This step is much more free than the others.You may now add as much decoration as you want and its also up to you what you want to show and what you dont want to show.In my case I wrote the names of the seas onto the blank bodys of water and desided to only include the capital names(I plan to put the flag and the names of the countrys on the back).However you could add things such as topografy,rivers or even citys to the map:Its up to you.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Piaces

This part is most likely the most time consuming.I suggest you cut the wood down into smaller piaces first,so it becomes easyer to cut and manage.I whould also advise cutting the sea into piaces as well,in order to make the final puzzle more rectangular and "Nicer looking".Now use the automatic saw to cut each country out( Islands like Sicily or Corsica should be cut out with a large border around them to make it easyer.) I whould also advise cutting italy out in one piaces: Meaning that sicily and the mainland are connected in the cut as this makes everything much easyer.This can also be applyed to other parts of the map that have the same issue.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Once you have cut out all the piaces you wanted,feel free to add any details to it.I also desided to go against having piaces for the sea as that whould have made the cutting a lot harder and more time consuming.It is possible to create a template or an outline on a separte piace of paper so that your audiance can know where to place the piaces(An outline of europe on paper with or without borders).However this is in no way needed for this project.