Introduction: Ev Sports Car 2

This is my Submission to Jack Daniels Independence Day Contest.
My age is 15 and my dad’s age is 40

10% of the world’s total carbon emissions are from road transportation.
Electric cars are the potential answer to this problem.
The main two reasons electric cars aren’t popular are because of its range and price.
Both of these problems can be easily addressed  by using a generator.
REEV, Range Extended Electric Vehicle, generators are more efficient; they run at a constant rate.
Another problem is the sound; car enthusiasts love the sound of their cars.
The solution is rpm based sound simulator. This allows the sound to be based on the revolutions per minute, and is very accurate.
The goal is to build this car and create DIY kit for others to use.

My goal is to build a fuel efficient sports car that has:
• Bio-diesel powered generator
• All safety features still intact, like ABS
• Maintains engine specs, like horsepower and torque
• Average 60-80 mpg, even when driven harshly

My build plan
1. Buy a rolling frame sports car
2. Finish/ clean the interior
3. Change the car’s gear ratios, replace the transmission
4. Install the motor and the batteries
5. Test the motor
6. Add the generator
7. Register/ safety test

Parts list:

Finally create a guide and DIY kits.