Introduction: Evaluation System

The Evaluation System is a nice idea that can help you have simple statistics of a specific courses or subjects. The system has buttons to allow the user to select a course then rate it excellent, good or bad.

Step 1: Parts

The following parts are used:

1 - Arduino UNO

2 - Buttons [x5]

3 - LCD Screen

4 - Jumper Wires

5 - 3mm Plexiglass

6 - Soldering iron

Step 2: Circuit

Use soldering iron to connect the buttons together and the LCD pins. All the buttons are connected to the same ground.

Step 3: Design

You can use the laser cutting machine to make the box for the Evaluation system. Use the pdf file attached to cut the acrylic using the machine. Then assemble the box. You will not need super glue or a glue gun to fix the box, it will snap into place and be firm.

Step 4: Programming

After your circuit and the box design is done. Connect the Evaluation box to the PC through the USB cable and upload the attached code to the Arduino. Now you can keep the serial monitor open and check what people are evaluating the courses, anonymously.

Step 5: Final Product

Now you can set the evaluation box in a certain event and keep it open and with time you will see what the visitors think of courses offered or subjects or projects.

Enjoy it :)