Evap. Air Cooling! Make (FOG) for Air Cooling! (30F Drop!) - Easy DIY



Introduction: Evap. Air Cooling! Make (FOG) for Air Cooling! (30F Drop!) - Easy DIY

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this instructable will show you how to easily make a evap. cooling system for outdoor air cooling

Step 1: Watch the Video...

Step 2: Read the Description...

DIY Outdoor Evap. Air Cooling System. How to make and use "FOG" to cool down hot dry air! cooled the air from 109F to 79F during testing. only cost about $4 to make, uses No Electricity and only takes 10 minutes to make! similar to "misting style" evap air coolers but the droplets are even smaller for increased effectiveness. *the droplets evaporate almost immediately - taking the heat with them (and leaving behind a mass of cool air). works best in dry and semi-dry climates. humidity on day of testing was 8-10%. dropped temp 30F. Since the "fogger" uses only 1-2 GPH (gallons per hour) and water only costs $2.50 for 1000 gallons (or 1 penny for each 4 gallons) it's essentially free to run! The set-up as shown can be connected to a chair, table, fence post, tree limb etc. and covers a good size area. video includes the build (near 3 min. mark) and ends with several "cool looking" shots of the sun hitting the mist. in a couple it almost looks like a ball of fire in the air. note that this could easily be converted for "off water-grid" situations. just grab a 5 gallon bucket, 12v solar panel and a 12V DC water pump. at 1-2 GPH it should run 2 to 4 hours on a fill-up.

Step 3: First: Gather Your Materials...

items needed:

1.) small piece of 1/4 black poly tube

2.) 2 GPH Fogger (label shown in pic. above)

3.) 3/4" Hose Thread to 1/4" Tubing Adapter (shown in pic. above)

4.) a metal hanger

Step 4: Then We'll Assemble It...

1.) take the fogger and the short piece of 1/4" black poly tube and push them together (see pic above)

2.) then take the 3/4" hose adapter and push it onto the other end of the 1/4" black poly tube (see pic above)

3.) then bring it outside and hook it up to garden hose (pic above)

Step 5: Then Attach It to Chair, Picnic Table, Side Table Etc...

to do this simply take a metal hanger, straighten it out (more or less). then wrap one end of the hanger around arm of chair and where the hose and hose adapter meet (see pics above). then finish by wrapping the black poly tube and fogger around the rest of the hanger. i went around a few times.

Step 6: Now Just Position It...

to do that just simply bend the hanger so that the nozzle it blowing on you or very near you.in dry to semi dry climates the mist will evaporate, leaving behind much cooler air. i've seen as high as a 39 degree temp drop. the set-up will cool the air all around where you are sitting. makes about a 6 or 8 foot bubble of cool air.

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