Ever Had a Pink Squirrel?

Introduction: Ever Had a Pink Squirrel?

About: John Kramer and Mark Fleming are SuperTenders serving the comedic and cocktail needs of the Chicago Improv Community.

A cocktail as delicious as it is beautiful, the Pink Squirrel is a drink well worth exploring. Take a look at our video up above, and then follow our step-by-step instructions below to prepare the Perfect Pink Squirrel.

Step 1: Here's What You'll Need!

A Chilled Martini Glass

A shaker cup with a few cubes of ice in it.

1 oz. Creme de Noyaux (an Almond Flavored Liquor)

1 oz. White Creme de Cacao

1 oz. Heavy Cream or Half and Half

Colored sprinkles for garnish

Step 2: Now Make the Drink!

Now combine all the ingredients (one ounce of each) into the shaker cup. Then cover the cup and shake the ingredients up vigorously for a few seconds. Then strain the mixture into your chilled martini glass. You can garnish with some sugar sprinkles to give the beautiful drink a bit more flair! Then enjoy! Its rather like drinking a pink candy bar!

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    3 years ago

    Looking for ways to catch/release squirrels and couldn't pass by this one without reading, sounds like more fun!! Will have to try this..............


    7 years ago on Introduction

    > Ever Had a Pink Squirrel?

    That's a VERY personal question, don't you think?