Everyday 3D Prints

Introduction: Everyday 3D Prints

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Every day, we all use countless household items. We use them for eating, playing, working, entertainment, and almost every other activity. This instructable will show you some of the everyday things you can create with a 3D printer, along with the files and how to print them.


I did not design any of the printable files in this instructable, and I do not in any way take credit for them, suggested or otherwise.


Step 1: Guitar Pick

A simple everyday item, this guitar pick will print quickly and amplify your mad guitar skills. Plus, when you lose it (if you are like me, you understand how easy it is to lose these), just print another one.

Find this here.

Printing this should be simple. Simply load it into your slicer of choice, and print it in a stiff material (PLA or ABS)

Design credit: daveleonelizzi on Thingiverse.

Step 2: Clothes Hanger

We all run out of hangers, but us nerds usually have some extra filament lying around somewhere. Put it to good use and print this hanger up!

Find this here.

This prints in 3 parts, which then snap together. Print it in PLA or ABS and hang up your coats like a true nerd.

Design credit: jsadusk on Thingiverse.

Step 3: Spoon

Now you can print your own utensils! Check out this spoon and print it before your next meal.

Find this here.

Print with support material, I recommend PLA plastic, as it is biodegradable and is made of nontoxic materials. Do not put this in the dishwasher.

Design credit: IFUJI on Thingiverse.

Step 4: IPhone 6 Case

Protect that new iPhone with a new case, fresh off the 3D printing press.

Find this here.

Print with .2 layer height in PLA. 1 shell and 15% infill.

Design credit: Cqdude on Thingiverse.

Step 5: Money Clip

Replaces a wallet and takes up less pocket space. Print this and fill your pockets with more important stuff. Like a 3D printer :)

Find this here.

Print in ABS and clip your cash.

Design credit: TheNewHobbyist on Thingiverse.

Step 6: Crescent Wrench

Need a crescent wrench but don't want to get out of the house? 3D print one, fully assembled!

Find this here.

Print with supports in any plastic, work the threads for a while, then use your new wrench!

Design: Barspin on Thingiverse.

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