Everyday Carry (EDC)

Introduction: Everyday Carry (EDC)

Hello, my name is Jeff Carlson and this is my first instructable.

Okay, let's start with a brief explanation of what EDC is:

Everyday carry or EDC refers to a small collection of tools, equipment and supplies that are carried on a daily basis to assist in tackling situations ranging from the mundane to the disastrous.
The term EDC also refers to the philosophy or spirit of "preparedness" that goes along with the selection and carrying of these items. Implicit in the term is the sense that an EDC is an individual's personal selection of equipment, arrived at after deliberation, rather than a standardized kit.

Cool, we all know what it means. Now I'm going to show you my personal EDC, it is my around town bag, I carry it going to work, the mall, church, just about everywhere. I live in Michigan and it's winter, we have crazy weather here, one day it will be 40 degrees and the next day it will be -10 bellow zero, so my EDC changes between seasons. I carry cold weather gear in the winter and cooling items in the summer.

In an effort to keep my things organized, I have made compartments for certain items. I have 4 compartments:


So instead of a bag of loose things, I can get to everything and I know where it is, anyways,
I think I have gone on long enough let's get started.

Step 1: The Bag

The bag is a black Maxpedition Monsoon gear-slinger. I choose this bag because of its durability and functionality. It's made of 1000-Denier water and abrasion resistant light-weight ballistic nylon fabric, which means, water doesn't soak in to it and it won't rip under lots of stress. It's a gear-slinger, it carries on the left hip and over the right shoulder. You can rotate the pack 270 degrees to the front of the body and access its contents without taking off the bag.

I have stored in the bag:

~My 4 organized compartments
~Camelbak water bottle
~Black knit hat
~felt tube neck warmer
~Long sleeve compression shirt

Let's move on to the compartments.

Step 2: Office/Admin

I use a Maxpedition EDC organizer. This compartment contains everything for writing things down, school stuff and few useful items.

~2 pens
~mechanical pencil
~2 high liters
~8 GB flash drive
~pen light
~8 bit screwdriver
~paper scratch pad
~sticky notes
~memo book
~paper clips

Step 3: Medical

I'm using a Maxpedition individual first-aid pouch with an attached latex glove holder. This is for everyday first-aid needs.

It contains:

~Assorted band aids
~cold pack
~antibiotic ointment
~tape scissors
~butterfly wound closers
~temperature reader
~latex gloves
~anti-diarrhea medication
~eye patch
~cotton sling
~cotton swabs
~alcohol swabs
~gauze pads
~red and blue glow sticks

Step 4: Hygiene

This is for those days when you wake up late and don't have time clean yourself or bathroom emergencies.

It contains:
~Maxpedtion khaki cuboid
~cleansing wipes
~toothbrush/paste, picks
~gold bound body powder
~moisturizing cream
~little deodorant
~hand sanitizer
~flushable cleaning cloths
~facial tissues
~Tide stain stick

Step 5: Clothes

In here I have extra clothes for whatever reason I need them and some work items.

It contains:

~Maxpedition black cuboid
~pair of socks
~work gloves
~assorted Maxpedition patches

Step 6: In My Pockets

This is what I carry in my pockets.

~Cell phone

Step 7: Ending

Here's a picture of my back deck, we got 20 inches of snow last night. I've spent my day stuck in my house, making my first instructable! I hope you guys liked it!

If you guys really like this I will possibly make a YouTube channel.

I will also be posting my College EDC later.

Have great day, I know I won't be...

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    4 years ago

    cool ':D


    7 years ago

    I like it. Take a look at Amazon.com for an Israeli bandage and a small flashlight. The Israeli is a pressure bandage that can be used one handed and can sub for roll gauze. Costs between $5-$7. Streammate also makes a small AAA flashlight for about $13 with clips that attach to a hat for a headlamp.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    i like the organization, almost could pass for a get home bag

    Navy Devil Doc
    Navy Devil Doc

    8 years ago

    Lorddrake, thanks for the advice.

    Navy Devil Doc
    Navy Devil Doc

    8 years ago

    But I will say a compass would be useful if I were to leave the city and not be in a environment I know. So I will look in to getting a good compass.

    Navy Devil Doc
    Navy Devil Doc

    8 years ago

    Hey, awiner that's a good idea, but I live in the middle of a urban city with 100,000+ people in it, so a compass won't be vary helpful if I were to get lost. They're too many land marks(Roads, street signs, buildings I would recognize) so if I were to get lost I could easily get home.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    very well organized. I notice that you listed youe camelbak for hydration purposes, but no food items. you may want to think about adding some small food items (energy bars etc) to your pack if you have the room. A little can go a long way in a pinch.


    8 years ago

    not bad but a compass should be in the kit