Introduction: Evolution of Iron Man

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Hello everyone!

For the coming weeks, we are developing various superheroes themes in different mixed media like Mr. Stark here.

Please enjoy the instructable.

Step 1: Sliding Doors Disappear !

There used to be a sliding door right there in the middle. For security purposes, we enclosed it.

The cement was prepared with plaster of Paris. To be more specific : Lanco patching plaster in one gallon size.

A scrap of pine board was used to draw a 6 inch border all around.

The wall measures 13 feet wide by 8 feet in height.

Iron Man is being designed in the living room by my lovely wife's request. Huge fan !

It will become our movie theater room. It will be themed with Sci Fi, Fantasy, Game of throne (thats me) and other hand made sculpture by yours truly.

Step 2: The House to Myself! Wife Away for the Weekend - Dogs in the Patio.

Half inch black border is drawn with BEHR plus ultra samplers.

Iron Man first appearance in comics was in "Tales of Suspense" #39 in March of 1963.

Stan Lee created the character; developed by Larry Lieber and designed by artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby.

The border has been drawn and a primer is being applied - remember that white is patching plaster to smooth out the cement wall.

The electrical wall outlet on the right will become invisible. NO - Iron Man is not power by it. Hah !

Step 3: Lights, Camera, Action !

The solid black border will symbolized the curtains in theaters.

It will have 3 picture lights to represent the movie projector you see in theaters.

Sketches were drawn and one was selected - a bust portrait in action.

Step 4: The Sketch.

The sketch has been penciled and redrawn with a black sharpie marker.

We applied patching plaster on the wall to the right. It will be background texture for a Game of Thrones design.Remember : Winter is coming!

Step 5: A World Wide Hero.

Its beginning to look like our hero. Black outlines done with BEHR premium plus ultra.

In our family, we have a real life hero who serve in the Middle East crisis.

Step 6: Essentials of Design.

Good artist brushes are essential in maintaining solid crisp lines.

The paint holder is a yellow plastic lid cover from a yaucono coffee can. A great coffee.

Step 7: Criminals Beware !

Watch out ! He'll catch you !

Step 8: Sci Fi Fans.

Iron Man suits comes in different flavors. We chose candy apple red.

Thank you Fritz Lang for giving us
"Metropolis" in 1927. The beginning of Sci Fi films.

And Buster Crabbe in that superb role of Flash Gordon in the 1936 Sci Fi theater series told in 13 episodes.

Step 9: We Have Powered Armor Within Ourselves. Search for It !

Tony Stark designed the powered armor to have super human strength, durability, flight and an array of weapons.

Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, The Archer, and Nick Fury makes The Avengers.

Step 10: Hatching and Scratching.

Hatching and cross hatching are traditional methods of creating effects of continuous line tone using line marks.

Step 11: Visual Aids.

The composition of Iron Man is done with a mixed media combination of pencils, markers, paints, kneaded erasers, rulers, sketch pads.

Took about a week to finish it.

The background here should be a light blue.

Time to throw that old camera away.

For the YouTube video, look up "Iron Man wall mural. Had difficulty uploading it up here.

Thank you for the viewing.