Evolution of a Wind Turbine.




Introduction: Evolution of a Wind Turbine.

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I made this video compilation on You-tube and added some annotations to help explain how the Lenz turbine works compared to the squirrel cage.

There is nothing new or improved, it was just an exercise in how to edit video and add annotations that i though that some of you might appreciate.

I used OpenShot Video Editor on Mint Linux to join the 4 videos and then I used You-tubes own video editor to add the annotations.

Enjoy and thanks for looking.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very useful info, Dr. Qui. THANKS FOR THE WRITTEN NOTES!

    Still I think that it would be an improvement a frontal deflector associated with a rear tail, in order to deviate the wind that strikes the negative zone of fins.

    Dr Qui
    Dr Qui

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Rimar, the squirrel cage would work better with a deflector an rear tail, but its allot of work and requires some hefty engineering, the Lenz turbine has no dead zone, all 3 blade are producing power for most of the rotation.