Introduction: Expanding Modular Desk Organizer

Ever bought a small desk organizer to save space and later on found out you needed a bigger one? Or bought a big organizer only to run out of desk space? Well, I know I have, that's why I made this desk organizer! This desk organizer can adjust based on what you currently need on your desk!

Only have small items? Need more desk space? Easy! Just split the desk organizer into two, stack them or store one, it doesn't matter, by making it into two smaller organizers you can maximize the space on your desk!

Have big items? Don't really need desk space? Maybe you really just like BIG things? Well then, you can just combine them into one so you can fit your BIG things into your organizer!

Step 1: Download and Laser Cut the Files

In order for us to start making the organizer, we need to laser cut the pieces.

Before cutting, make sure to use 3mm acrylic.

Download the 2 files name Main Organizer.pdf and Drawer and Connectors.pdf. Although there are only 2 files, remember that you actually need to cut Main Organizer.pdf twice in order to have 2 small organizers.

Just put the 3mm acrylic into the laser cutter, load the files you want to cut, and cut away!

Remember to adjust the settings for cutting 3mm acrylic though!

Step 2: Assemble the Outer Box

For the outer box, we'll only be using the left half of the first file (Main Organizer.pdf).

Pieces (1) are for the top and bottom of the organizer.

Pieces (2) are for the sides.

Pieces (3) and (4) are for the back and front, respectively.

The pieces are friction fit so just put them together! Be careful not to crack them though, that would be sad. :(

Step 3: Assemble the Inner Box

The inner box is very similar to the outer box, and for this we'll be using the right half of the first file.

Pieces (1) are for the top and bottom.

Pieces (2) are for the sides.

Piece (3) is for the back.

Step 4: Assemble the Drawer

As for the drawer, we'll be using the second file (Drawer and Connectors.pdf). As you can see, there's another set of outline for an extra set of drawer, we'll be using this later. :)

So it's pretty much straightforward:

Piece (1) is for the bottom.

Pieces (2) are for the sides.

Pieces (3) and (4) are for the front and back, respectively.

Again, the pieces are friction fit! Hurray!

Step 5: Putting the Inner Box Inside the Outer Box

Now that we have all 3 pieces we need, we can start putting them all together! Yay!

Let's start by combining both "boxes" we made a while ago.

Now, this part can be tricky, however, you can remove the back side of the outer box and slip in the inner box (like in the pictures) so you can attach it easier.

However, if you prefer deconstructing the outer box, you can do that too! :)

Step 6: Organizer Complete!

Yay, we've completed one organizer!

You can already start using it on its own.

But the fun's not over yet!

Do you know what's better than a cool-looking desk organizer?

TWO cool-looking organizers that can combine!

Step 7: Assemble the Other Organizer

Remember when I said you'll need to laser cut the first file twice? Remember that extra set of drawers in the second file? Well, now it's time to use those! And once we have both organizers, we can have more fun!

Step 8: Combining the Main Organizer

Let's start with the main body of the organizer!

We'll be using the 3 connector pieces on the second file as indicated above.

Just remove the sides of the main body. Assemble the connector. Attach the connector to the "inner box".

Voilà! You now have a larger organizer!

Step 9: Combining the Drawers

This one's super easy!

Just use the remaining 3 connector pieces (indicated in the pictures) and assemble them.

Remove the sides from the drawers and just press them onto each other with the connector in between

And there you have it, a bigger and more spacious drawer!

Step 10: All Done!

Now you have your own expandable desk organizer!

You can now put stuff in it, take stuff out, and everything else you can do with a normal organizer!


You can also combine it and split it!

Have fun putting and taking stuff from your new expandable desk organizer! :)