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Introduction: IKEA Expedit Hack

Today, we are going to hack the IKEA expedit.
The expedit is one of IKEA's most sold products which with a cheap price is defiantly worth it.
But the expedit is missing color, it is available in white or black but those are not colors, so I added some RGB automatically changing LEDs which I bought of Ebay at a great price (50 LEDs and resistors for $9.) Then I used some foam, baking paper (you can use tracing paper or opaque plexiglass, whatever floats you boat. I also used some hot glue a breadboard with a switch and some duct tape.

Step 1: Lets Gather the Materials

You will need:
Duct tape
RGB LEDs (4 per expedit)
resistors (according to your LEDS)
Baking/ tracing paper
Hot glue
Hot glue gun
A bread board(optional)
An expedit!

You will need to be able to:
Use a hot glue gun
Be able to figure out which resistors you need
Have common sense incase of injuries (or burns from a hot glue gun)

Step 2: Put Hot Glue on the LED

We put hot glue on the led (MUST BE NON CLEAR DRYING OR OPAQUE) to diffuse the LED, this makes the angle wider and mixes the colors better. Do this to all 4 LEDs

Step 3:

Step 4: Testing (optional)

For this step I used a small prototyping box which I made of spare parts. I then added one of the diffused LEDs hooked it up to a resistor and plugged in a battery. Then I placed it behind the baking paper and turned of the lights to see what would happen.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

In this vital step we add a small backing for the expedit. This one is about ten center meters thick and ensures that the led can fill up one square. We also will add a divider between the backing so that the colors do not mix. I then hooked up all the electronics to my prototyping box. Later I added some backing paper to the rest of the cells.

Step 6: Final

I then stetted everything up and found that the outcome of this project was quite impressing.
Below are some pictures with and without a cat (optional =P.)

Step 7: Next Step for Me

My next steps would be to use RGB LEDs that have more 4 pins and control them with an Arduino. This would be really cool and with a bluetooth shield I could make a mobile application to control the LEDs and make them into mood lights!
I am welcome for any help to do this and anything else you have to say 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Mood lighting shelves that glow based on what's on them! Sad books get a blue light. Lad books get a red light. Or however you want to divvy it up. (Throw in some RF tags and really get cooking.)

    That's a cool improvement to an otherwise bland product.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Great Idea, Im going to buy an rfid set for arduino after christmas.