Introduction: Experiment: LCD 16x2, PIP-BOY

Hi guys!

So, this is my experiment using a I2C 16x2 LCD screen. This experiment is based on the Bethesda game Fallout 4's PIP-BOY. This experiment will show some of the capabilities of the LCD 16x2 screen.

Step 1: ITEMS

Listed below are the items you need:

- 1x Arduino UNO (or equivalent)


- 1x Breadboard

- 14x Breadboard jumper cable wires

- 4x Male to Female jumper cables

- 1x Potentiometer / trim resistor

- 2x Tactile switch / Push Button

- 2x Resistors 1.5k Ohm (This is what I have been experimenting with, you could try others)

Step 2: Connecting the Components

Follow the diagram below to see how to connect the equipment!

Step 3: The Code...

Check out the files below for the raw code.

Step 4: That's It!

Thank you for taking the time trying this experiment! Hope you have enjoyed this!

Do not hesitate on submitting any suggestions to me to improve these Instructables.