Introduction: Experimental Chocolate Truffle Bon Bons!

This is a very experimental recipe, and any feedback or idea's are welcome!

This recipe makes 30ish balls

Step 1: Ingredients

150g Butter
100g Castor Sugar
100g Brown Sugar
Between 250 + 300g Plain Flour
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla or a packet of vanilla sugar
100g chocolate

added half way through the recipe - a dash of milk + 2 tbsp Chocolate Powder
added at the end of the recipe - a handful of walnuts and confectionery/powdered sugar

Step 2: Creaming

Firstly pour both sugars and butter into a bowl, using an electric whisk cream together until smooth.
If you're using vanilla sugar add it here.
After the ingredients have been creamed whisk an egg into the mixture.

Step 3: Dry Ingredients

add the flour, baking powder, salt and if using vanilla extract. I also decided to drop in some chocolate powder (just a chocolate addict >;])

So sorry! I forgot to take a picture here...dull moment!!

Step 4: The Pan

I decided that it would be better to cook the dough in a pan on the hob than in the oven as then I can shape it when chilled and it will retain it's form.
So, place your dough into the pan and add a splash of milk. Here you melt in the chocolate and allow to cook for a few minutes constantly stirring to avoid sticking. This will make the mixture liquidy again but fear not!

Once it becomes thick enough to hold it's shape rather than filling the bottom of the pan, take it off the heat.

Step 5: Chill

Once removed from heat allow to cool (I did not and while wrapping it I burnt myself!)

Once cool poor or scoop dough onto some clingfilm and wrap.

Now place your dough in the fridge for at least 2 hours (I put mine onto a plate because apparently I used too much butter and it was dripping ¬_¬)

Step 6: Molding

After the two hours (or over night) are up remove dough from the fridge, it should be hard but squishy. Now remove clingfilm.

I decided to create a sort of production line therefore had two bowls in which to roll my dough in, one powdered sugar, the other bashed up walnuts.

Now rip a small amount of dough and begin rolling in your palms to form balls, about 1 inch diameter. Now take your ball and roll in either sugar or walnuts, then shake off the excess and plate.
Continue to do so until you have used all your dough :)

Because my hands were warm so the dough became mushy I decided to but the balls in the fridge over night, then in the freezer for half an hour just to make sure they stayed solid!

Enjoy and please leave any ideas... when writing this I thought that covering them in chocolate, leaving it to harden, and then drizzling white chocolate over the top might work...yum :)

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