Introduction: Experimenting With Jooje Kabab

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chicken barbecue (jooje kabab;جوجه کباب) is one of the well-known Iranian cuisine which is pretty much popular in iran and some places around the world

Step 1: Sharing a Few Words

hello everyone! it's been a long time for me since i have been a member of this community (and i'm proud of it)

a few years back i published a chicken kebab recipe,now that i take a look at my instructable,i just see it

as info-less and doesn't look very instructive to me (since i was like 16 or 17 those days) so,i'm back now

with a little more information about experimenting with chicken kebab and spices that are used for the mix!
i hope that at least it can be better this time

Step 2: Preparing Materials!

we're going to need some spices, 3 or 4 medium-sized yellow onions and olive oil (and there's yogurt too! ) (oh and to mention chicken meat too :D )

we used about 3.8kilograms of chicken meat for the mix

as my instructable's name says, use of these spices are experimental (except for turmeric & black pepper n salt obviously :D )

these are the spices that I used for the mix

dried lime powder

black pepper powder

turmeric powder

and a spice mix named pepper lemon or [limoo fel feli]
it's a mix of red pepper,turmeric,dark lemon powder,white lemon powder,garlic powder,clove powder ,coriander powder ,fennel powder and nutmeg powder!

looks pretty spicy,right!?

you can either gather all those spices and mix it or try to find it at any iranian markets or hyper markets.

if they have iranian staff, simply copy paste that word right here and show them : ادویه لیمو فلفلی

the amount of spices that you're going to use for the mix is not exact,so you may want to mix a bit of every each one of the spices

Step 3: Chopping Them Onions

one of the main things to mention here is that onions have a big role in most of the iranian foods as it can give a nice taste to the food (which depends on the way it's prepared)

make sure that you don't end up with having grated onions because it will have a not so yummy result in the end. (your kebab will look like it was dipped in black paint)

Step 4: Time to Spice Things Up

now's the time to mix the onions with spices and about 3 or 4 tablespoons of olive oil

you can either use your hands to stir the mix or simply use a spoon.

after you've done this and your mix is ready,let it rest for about 30 minutes or less so that onions get some time to absorb some of those spices

Step 5: Your Spice Mix Is Ready to Go

now,go grab those chicken breasts and wings and stuff and stir it with the mix and mix the mix :DD

after you have stirred it well,cover it with plastic cover and put it in the fridge

for better results,let it rest for for a day so that spices can do their magic
you can also add some yogurt in the mix,only a few hours before the time you're going to barbecue them.

when you're ready to barbecue them,skewer them with kebab skewers and barbecue them on a brazier or any other grill or barbecuing materials you have at hand :)

you can either serve the kebab with cooked rice or bread

make sure to share your experience during preparation with me! and share your pics too

p.s:i still need some more experience around making these Instructables since i have to translate the recipes into English,so there may be some grammatical errors and things like that :'D thanks for staying and reading this instructable of mine!

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