Introduction: Exploding Creeper: How to Prank Your Friends on Minecraft

This is to show how to make a creeper out of precious metals in minecraft. This Creeper is used to destroy other people's creations. After being built near their creation, it can be set off to obliterate ALL of their hard work! A fun thing to do is build it facing the front of their house. Wait behind it all night, and when they come out of their house, set off the TNT inside and run!

Step 1: Materials

You will require four blocks and a tool for this build. You must gather:
Iron blocks (not ore)
Emerald blocks (Again, not ore)
Coal blocks (still, not ore)
TNT (definitely not ore)
Flint and steel (not an ore-y substance)

Step 2: Legs

The first thing you do to make one leg is place three iron blocks (figure 2.) Then, place two emerald blocks on top of the iron blocks (figure 3.) After, place one emerald block between the two blocks on the top of the leg, making it look like a square from above. (figure 4.) The finished leg should look like the first picture (figure 1.) Make four of these legs, having them one block apart on one side and two apart on the other (figures 2-4.)

Step 3: Body

Now that you have the legs, ( figure 2.), we will now make the body. First, make a flat sheet of emerald between the four legs, only touching the corners of the legs (figure 3.) Afterwards, stack five of the shapes in (figure 1.) on top of the sheet of emerald (figure 4.) After you do that, the body is done!

Step 4: Head

Now, Make a ring of emerald blocks that's one block wider than the body on all sides(figure 1.)
and and place it on top of the body (figure 2.) Afterwards, make another on top, but replace the blocks one block away from the middle with coal (figures 4-5.) Do the same thing again, but move them to the middle of the row (figure 6.) Then sack a ring of just emerald on top (figure 7.) Then make another ring like (figures 8-9.) Then, fill the body and head with TNT, then cover the top with emerald. Then you're done!

Step 5: Setting It Off

To set off the creeper, either light one of the coal blocks on fire, or break one of the blocks and set the TNT underneath on fire. Have fun, and please vote for me in the Minecraft Contest!

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