Introduction: Exploding Balloon Prank

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Imagine stepping out of the shower, finally clean, only to be covered in flour three seconds later. This instructable will keep you on the laughing end of this prank.

Step 1: Collect Materials

For this prank you will need to following:

1. One (or more) punch ball balloons
2. Flour
3. Thumbtacks or other puncturing objects
4. Popping device. We used a nerf gun, but you can use anything. Be creative!

Step 2: Fill Balloon

Using a spoon, funnel, or even just your hands, fill the balloon with flour. If you're feeling extra mischievous, you could even fill it with paint (or bodily waste)....

Step 3: Blow It Up!

Take one ginormous breath, then give that balloon all you've got. If your face is as red as a tomato, your doing it right. Just don't faint on us!

Step 4: Hang the Balloon

Tie it off, then hang the balloon where you choose. You can use the attached rubber band, or tie a new string to it, whatever you prefer. Hang it right outside the shower, behind a door, or above your dog house.

Step 5: Prepare Your Projectile

Use whatever you want; we used a nerf gun and thumbtack. Remove the dart's head, and glue the thumbtack in its place.

Step 6: Wait... Then FIRE!

As soon as your unexpecting victim steps under the balloon, fire, release, or trigger your projectile.

(Click on second image to see it in action)

Step 7: Say Sorry, and LAUGH!

Of course you should say sorry to your victim, and most importantly, laugh about it.


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