Exploring Underwater in Minecraft P.E!!!!




Introduction: Exploring Underwater in Minecraft P.E!!!!

About: I love cats and any animals really! I love minecraft and making things for pets. Tell me what you think about my INSCRUTABLES by commenting!

Minecraft is fun!! But some parts are just plain challenging. Like getting underwater. I mean, there is soo much cool stuff underwater like valuable ores and sweet underwater caves. Don't you just want that?

Step 1: What You Need

All you really need is something bright to see, as displayed here, and you may need a lifeguard.Mine is a werewolf.And be extra prepared and grab a few good pics!

Step 2: Going Under

This is the dangerous part. Dive underwater ! Dig holes in the side to go in to breath. Brighten things up with the lamps. Now swim and explore!

Step 3: The Good Ores!

As a request from a commenter, I am writing how to reach the good ores!
Underwater is loaded with valuable ores. Here's how to MINE underwater!
1.Dig a 3 block deep space then block the top. Now there will be no water flowing
2. Mine! Diamond is located deep underground if your trying to find some!
3. Top get back up, jump up then stack a block of something under you! Keep doing this until you get back to where you started! Destroy the 'cap' so water comes in and you can swim back up!

Step 4: The End(yay)

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped! I love feed back!(hint hint!)

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    6 years ago

    Cute dog!

    Phoenix Flare
    Phoenix Flare

    6 years ago

    Great! Well done! Maybe you could tell us how to get to 'the good ores?'

    So cute

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