Introduction: Explody Pen Gun! Simple and Cheap!

Pen Gun that fires via combustion, very cheap and simple to make.

Step 1: Gather the Parts

This is my first Instructable so i hope you learn from it, my computer has been screwing up lately so sometimes things dont work anyways enjoy.

Parts needed

Party Popper
Pen with detachable front part (you will see)
Ammo (NEEDS to fill the barrel with NO air gaps)

Step 2: Take Apart the Party Popper

Remove the base of the popper, (made from cardboard) then take out the string stuff, remove the next cardboard peice then very carefully take out the "popper".
To help remove the popper part, push in the top and then remove.

Step 3: Put It Together

Get the pen lid (the removal part) and insert the "popper's" string end to the writing hole.
Screw the lid with the popper back onto the main pen part, insert your ammo and pull hard on the string.

Step 4: After Firing

After firing get some wire or the like and stick through the pen hole to eject the used popper, to reload do the whole process again!