Introduction: Explorer Skateboard


Breaking the ordinary skateboard design, my skateboard adopts X-shaped plate head and V-shaped plate tail. At the same time, I give it many meanings, hoping to bring you different experiences.

Step 1: Step1:Slide Panel


Skateboard length 82cm, width 22cm;


The head of the skateboard adopts the X-shape design and I stretch the board surface into a more aerodynamic streamline shape through the modeling tool to get rid of the rigidity of the skateboard and reduce the resistance.I plated the side of the skateboard so that the lines of the skateboard will be more prominent and beautiful in the sun.In my eyes, X represents bravery and exploration. The head adopts the X-shape design and I hope to give it these spirits.


The tail of skateboard adopts V-shape, the winner always puts V-shape gesture when winning, and the victory is often after adventure, exploration and persistence. So I took this design at the end of the skateboard.

Step 2: Step2:Bridge


The bridge is the middle part between the skateboard surface and the wheel, which connects the wheel and the board surface. I used the heavy industry style of the 1970s to make it look more solid and reliable, and I also used fillet tools to decorate its outside to make it more streamlined and soft.

Step 3: Step3:Wheel


The wheel is the messenger connecting the skateboard and the ground. In my design, I color the wheels black and white. White and black represent the day and night respectively. I hope that skateboarders' exploration of skateboarding will never stop like the alternation of day and night. I hope every skateboarder will not give up when they are in trouble and believe that there will be dawn in the dark night!

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